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Message from our President:

As our neighbourhoods change and grow, the global climate continues to be " jittery" for all. It becomes more evident that security will be a greater concern for us more than ever. Today's technology has surpassed anyone's expectations and made it easier to do business worldwide. This shift has eroded the faithful and honest relationships that once existed between, employer and employee. It's seems that the existing economical climate reflects a disturbing 'every man and woman for themselves' mindset.

Businesses are also coping with one of the most competitive climates ever, and are finding it difficult to maintain profit margins, without losing money to property theft, loss and damage; losses, which can be avoided. Simple security procedures that can help employers reduce losses, are steps which businesses are hesitant to use, for lack of total understanding of security measures or simply being naive in thinking that 'it could never happen at our company'.

Our objective at Active Security is to safeguard your people, your company and its assets. We want to operate as an extension of your company, rather than an outside organization that is there just to fill in hours.

Security Cost:

There is a misconception that security is expensive and that a business can make due without it, when in fact, trying to cut corners in the 'security budget' ends up costing a company when thefts, breaches and incidents occur.

Like the effects of 9/11 we need to learn that Security should not be taken for granted but to implement it where needed at what ever the cost should be.  Lives were lost on the morning of September 11 and my prayers go out to the families that have lost loves ones in the coward attack on innocent lives.

There are numerous security programs that can be implemented and the costs differ greatly. Costs are driven by the manpower and equipment needed. It may be that the ingredients for effective security are already in place within your organization but need some professional direction on how to use these resources more productively. We will tell you that if such is the case. This consultation approach is an example of how we want to work with our clients, so that the security services we recommend will only be those that are absolutely necessary.

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