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Buy $1,500 worth of regular security guard services and obtain three pre-employment verification FREE of charge the next time you hire.

Taxes non included. This offer is not available to customers who already have a service agreement.


For all situations requiring sturdy and tactical intervention... use
Active Special Forces.
To protect your property... we have tangible and affordable solutions

Obtain a guard in less than two hours

Security guard (man or woman) to keep watch on industry, business, buildings of all types.

We guarantee the immediate replacement of a security guard if he or she doesn't give you complete satisfaction

Other solutions :

  Road traffic monitoring
  Road signalmen with communication equipment
  Workmen escorts on airport grounds
  Welcoming attendant
  Canine patrol
  Motorized patrol
  Communication system for all types of surveillance



Sleep soundly

Entrust us with the security of your sites.
When you organize cultural, sporting and social events,


Solutions provided:

  Crowd control
  Box office monitoring (see that everyone pays)
  Elaboration of a safety plan
  Police force support
  Supervision of volunteers
  Guns and knives detection
  Escort of securities and individuals
  Close quarter security (Body-guards)



We cover all of United States and Canada.

We undertake the safety of shows of all types, sizes and locations : concerts, dances, parades, in hotels, schools, etc


Labour dispute, strikes and demonstrations on the horizon ?
Our tactical services are meant for you. Our custom-made protection will assure you of a better control and can prevent important losses when unrest, demonstrations and conflicts occur.

Other cases that require an adequate protection:

  Premeditated vandalism
  Threats and intimidation
  Safety of executives and their families
  Vehicle escorts
  Confrontation between union and non-union members
  Any other emergency situation
An emergency plan can be mapped out quickly. The success of the actions undertaken will be achieved within short notice  
Problems with theft ? Fraud ? Breach of trust ?

Our team of investigators is tuned in to your concerns. They'll bring you the answers you need to solve your problem.


Suggested solutions:

  Disability investigation (CSST), short or long-term illness
  Investigation of employees theft within the company
  Hidden camera
  Crime investigation (theft, insurance fraud, robbery)
  Surveillance truck
  Interrogation, affidavits
  Court testimony
  Double agents

Live a unique experience

Join the ranks of our team of dynamic security guards, work in an environment where physical safety is the norm !

For information about the courses offered (listed below),
please contact our toll free number (888) 339-0408

Telescopic arm:

Basic and advanced
Legal implication
Base continuum
Basic moves and strikes
Blocking techniques

Length of course: 4 hours

Self-defence level 1:

Positioning and basic moves
Tactical defence techniques

Length of course: 8 hours

Physical intervention:

Levels 1 and 2
Quick control techniques
(pressure points and articular control)
Legal implication
Attack forewarning
Strength continuum
Handcuffs and self-defence,
quick tying techniques

Length of course: 16 hours

PR 24 Club:

Basic and advanced
Legal implication
Strength continuum
Basic moves and strikes
Blocking techniques
Defensive and offensive handling
of the club at the time of control
manoeuvres with articular control

Length of course: 8 and 16 hours

First aid:

General first aid: 16 hours
Emergency first aid: 8 hours
Immediate care in RCR: 6 to 12 hours
Cardiac assistance: 4 hours

Training is provided in most of our office, however please contact us before paying for any of these courses listed above,  training costs start at $75.

P.S.: Enrollment in any of the above-mentioned training should not be seen as a commitment to hire on our part.






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