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Vending Service

At Active Vending we are proud of the vast selection of products (soda, snacks, coffee) we have to offer our clients. We stock the popular name-brand products you enjoy at home- names like Coca Cola, Pepsi, Frito-Lay, Nabisco, M&M Mars, Hershey's, Nestle, Wrigley's and Kellogg's. The same quality products you buy every day individually packaged for your enjoyment at work or play.

Drink Machines

The variety of cold beverages is increasing and Active  Vending is making sure that our customers have the opportunity to choose from these new and exciting selections.

Pepsi Machines Coke Machine

We now have the capabilities to offer not only 12oz cans but 20oz plastic resealable bottles. We have a wide selection of flavors and are willing to customize a machine to suit your demand


Snack Machines

our snack and vending machines

Active Vending uses national name brand products such as Frito-Lay, Hershey's and M&M Mars. We believe that our customers deserve the best products available. Each snack machine that is placed in an account is filled with the selections chosen by individuals within the account using one of our snack menus. Requests are always welcome!

These are some of the vending machines our company uses



Our company might use this technology at your facility if needed.Active  Vending Proudly Uses Vend Max

Vend Max is an innovative solution to carefully monitor your vending machines’ inventory -- helping ensure that you receive the best selection of the freshest and most popular products, time after time. No other supplier in the area can offer this same level of technology and professionalism -- all designed to provide the best customer service available.

Hand-held computers link your vending machines to a database at Active  Vending. This provides real time information on your account -- allowing us to track the product from the time it arrives in our facility, through the final point of sale.

What does this mean for you?

  • Takes the guesswork out of ordering -- ensuring the products we deliver are the products your co-workers want.
  • More efficient scheduling of deliveries -- keeping your machines well-stocked.
  • Helps ensure just-in-time delivery of the freshest foods at their peak of flavor.
  • Tracks maintenance of the machine -- less downtime means fewer headaches for you

Our Partners

Through the Active Vending Group brand selection process, we identify profitable brand solutions for our clients.

Our operational expertise and relationships with recognized brands such as Pizza Pizza and Tim Hortons help build successful partnerships and maximize profits



This coffee machine uses fresh ground coffee.Coffee Service

We are proud of having provided quality products and superior service for the past 15 years. Our service encompasses all necessary products needed by many offices today. Our extensive gourmet coffee variety is the same great tasting coffee served at coffee specialty houses and fine restaurants - you can have the same quality coffee delivered right to your workplace.

The ultimate perk
A.L. Van Houtte  coffee is a great way to make employees and customers feel valued. It is also a benefit to you as an employer. Here's why:

  • Everyone gets to enjoy delicious, high quality coffee.
  • Employees don't need to leave the office for that expensive coffee bar down the street.
  • Great coffee right in the office means your workplace benefits from increased productivity as well as morale.
  • It's a wonderful way to compliment your employees and clients. Set a standard of quality and let them know you care.


All types of coffee systems are available to meet your company's demands.

  • Single Cup Machines
  • Air Pot Systems
  • All the brewing and vending supplies
  • Pricing programs to suit your needs

System 7 Logo.
This is the System 7 free stand that has 7 selection.  This machine uses fresh ground coffee

This is the system 7 counter top that features 3 selections. This machine uses fresh ground coffee.

Our Continuous Flow brewing system, utilizing filter paper for improved coffee taste, delivers each cup freshly brewed.  There are no coffee pots to clean, no previously brewed coffee to throw away.  Finally there is a solution to the  coffee area mess.  And, you get a freshly brewed coffee in each cup!
This new thermos system for coffee can keep your coffee warm and never the taste of old coffeeThis is the same product on the left except this one you pour the water in on the top and it will distribute the coffee in the thermos we can this a satelite system.

Our firm can provide you with anything you may need to make a good cup of coffee, tea or a good cup of hot chocolate.


Our company believes a good cup of coffee should taste not just good but great, that's why we are proud to carrying A.L. Van Houtte  and Starbucks Coffee.  (please drink responsibly)
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